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About SINKOBE (Today Union Since 1972)

A Friend Forever - Over 30 Years of Experience The first importer of used forklifts from Japan in 1972, which help to create the industrial automation and tremendous volume of foreign surplus and economical miracle in Taiwan. Now we have started to offer the best possible service tailored for the Taiwanese enterprises who are marching forward to mainland China.

Manufacturer & Importer
With selected vital parts, components and facilities imported from major industrial countries, and the technical collaborat- ion with worldwide known manufacturers, we help the custo- mers create the highest possible level of profits at the lowest level of costs. We also help the authority set up the National Safety Standards in order to safeguard the consumers.

Simplified Design¡BUtilization
Secured with over 80% of market shares in Taiwan, due to the simple design, perfect basic function, lower rate of shutdown, and lower maintenance costs.


The same to those of Japanese forklifts, the Open Type Design was adopted by SINKOBE. This made our clients' expense in service parts lower. Maintenance is easier and available by any technician due to the European control system used.

The proper adjustments and the periodical maintenance will prolong the life of usage, and low-down the possibility of trouble. We offered a nationwide service net for full ranges of aftermarket service. Besides our yearly experienced service team can ensure the best service with all our accounts. Contact us right now for all your problems.